TLS Theatre Talk Tuesday July 12 – Creating something out of nothing

TLS Theatre Talk Tuesday – July 12

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What we’re reading and watching this week: Creating something out of nothing.

space work, pantomimeWhen we first started the idea for Theatre Language Studio, the fundamental thing we most agreed upon is the concept of ‘three women and three chairs‘, i.e. our belief that you don’t need a lot to create (or experience) a great piece of theatre. In  improvisation this can not be highlighted enough. YOU and your fellow players are really all that you have on the stage, besides a couple of chairs. When you are creating something out of nothing, like objects out of thin air, it is important to notice the difference between PLAYING something and SEEING something on stage, of getting out of your head and into the space and making the invisible visible. Here is some more good advice on how to get better at space work from yesandrew. 

Imagination is also a key element in helping you to envision your environment, not to mention giving more realistic performances  in scenes on stage. And if just the reality of being on stage scares you, then you are in luck:  practicing improvisation is one of the best ways to overcome stage fright

For TLS improvisers:

We had an amazing time with Lisa Rowland this week, who also explored some of these elements in her workshops here at TLS. 

For TLS actors:

There is only a bit of time left to register for our Play-in-a-Day festival coming up on September 23/24. Final submissions are July 24th.

For TLS fans:

Stop by our tent at the Christopher Street Day Festival this weekend! 

Our last FITS Afterwork show before summer break is next Thursday July 21st. Come and share a few laughs!

We will only have one performance of The Laramie Project Friday, July 22nd, so booking a seat is highly recommended. Please also remember to cancel a reservation, should you not be able to make it, so we can offer your seat to another guest.