Theatre Talk Tuesday September 6th – Take a break from Improv?!

TLS Theatre Talk Tuesday – September 6th

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What we’re reading and watching this week: Taking a break from Improv

Welcome back from our summer break!

It is good to take a break. Vital even. It is scary because sometimes you don’t want to lose steam or miss an opportunity (oh FOMO!), but there are times when a break can be an incredible boost. Often it can be a great time of creativity and rejuvenation or discovery of new inspiration. Even our bodies require us to take a break, in the form of sleep, just so we can process and actually learn. Again, though, breaks can be hard. Especially if they happen when you don’t want them to. So, what to do? Like in improvisation: just embrace and revel in what is given.  Don’t think of it as a break – just think of it as getting better by working on something new… try a totally new class or hobby, re-visit some classics, or just practice the art of Zen. It makes returning again that much more fabulous.

For TLS improvisers:

For TLS actors:

Play-in-a-Day is underway. If you didn’t get in this year, we will make sure you are involved next year. Also, we have a coupld of other opportunities for you to express yourselves creatively:

For TLS fans:

  • Stop by our booth at the Newcomers Festival on Sunday, September 11th
  • The Play-in-a-Day show is at 8pm on Saturday, September 24th. Not to be missed!
  • For the little fans: Storytime with Rita Storee starts up on October 9th at 11am.