Theatre Talk May 31st – Making your improvisation real

TLS Theatre Talk Tuesday – May 31st


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What we’re reading and watching this week: Making your improvisation real

making it real
Photo from Ronald Saunders via Flickr
  • People think improvisation is moving forward, but Keegan-Michael Key explains that it’s really moving backward. He teaches us to delight in how we play the game, a much-touted and derided improvisation tool, but this explanation really helps us understand it better.
  • What do two dogs on a  surfboard have to do with anything? Don Romaniello hits it out of the park with his blog on the importance of not just making verbal offers about the location, but “seeing how the who, what, and where affecting the players makes the scene feel true and real and completely grounded.”
  • We love this video of Steve Waltien where he dissects improv comedy and teaches us to have more humility. We had a real ah-ha moment, when he talked about the three kinds of humility and how it’s so important not to judge your characters!
  • As we suspected, school is bad for you! In this article from the Guardian, Tham Kai Meng argues we need more creativity in our lives because the formal Western education system has made us all conformists. Cure? Less school, more play.
  • Women are better at mind-reading! (Who didn’t know that?) In this fascinating look at EQ versus IQ, this article from the Atlantic highlights that when it comes to effective teams, “the single most important element of smart groups, according to the researchers, was their ‘average social sensitivity.'” It turns out that reading non-verbal cues is the key to this social sensitivity and that girls are better than boys at that, so ‘teams with more women tended to be better teams.’

For TLS improvisers:

  • We have a new long form performance class starting on June 8th, a four-week course on Wednesdays. We will focus on knowing how and when to edit, making interesting choices when bringing characters and scenes back, identifying patterns and how to heighten a scene with group mind.
  • Registration is open for a host of new classes in July, including a brand new Beginner’s improvisation 4-week intensive class. We are especially  excited about the Energized Starts and Embodied environments workshop with San Fran improviser Lisa Rowland on July 9th! Early bird price till June 9th. Get your improv on in July, because there won’t be any classes running in August, after the Saturday Dropin.

For TLS actors:

  • Play-in-a-Day registration has opened, and people are already signup for this special theatre festival. Please don’t wait till the last minute, as a number of factors will be considered when choosing the final group, including when you registered, what you registered for, and if you were a participant last year!

For TLS fans:

Strassenfest TLS mitmachenThanks so much for all of you for helping with the Friedberger Platz festival. We had a great time and met lots of new people. If you are interested in volunteering for similar events, please get in touch with Rene at

Tickets are now available for The Laramie Project. This staged reading will take place on July 22nd only!

And for our littlest fans, don’t forget about the next Rita Storee on June 12th.