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The Language Archive by Julia Cho

When love just can’t find the right words.

The piece provided the backdrop for a workshop on subtext and character development with Maria Ott. An intensive workshop culminated in this staged reading of The Language Archive by Julia Cho. The funny and heartwarming play tells the story of a hapless George, a linguist, who cannot seem to find the right words to prevent his wife from leaving him. Meanwhile, George’s lab assistant, Emma, tries desperately – and in vain – to communicate her deep feelings to George. Throughout the play, we witness a range of different characters trying to emerge from the space between what is said and what is not said.
Director – Maria Ott
George – Michael Parker
Mary – Lois Woestman
Emma – Barbara Zacharias
Alta – Claudia De Angelis
Reston- Thomas Lehmann
Instructor, Conductor, Passerby – Torsten Leiss
Old Woman, Driver, Passerby – Pat Bulgari
Stage Directions – Philip Reuben