Shakespeare Anyone Fate and Fortune

Shakespeare Anyone? Fate and Fortune

TLS inaugurates its next major project, Shakespeare Anyone on May 7th in Frankfurt, whilst continuously running in NYC. Performed in the atmospheric O-Ton Bar on Frankfurt’s famous Berger Strasse, audiences packed in to have their ‘Shakesbiers’ and see what the show was all about. An electrifying atmosphere in an intimate space, it was a great kickoff for the four Shakespeare Anyone? pieces to come.

The Scenes

Macbeth, Act I scene 3
Macbeth, Banquo encounter the Witches

As You Like It, Act I scene 3
The Duke banishes Rosalind, she and Celia must decide their next step

All’s Well That Ends Well, Act IV scene 2
Diana and Bertram come to an arrangement

King Lear, Act I scene 2
Edmond, the Bastard, begins his rise to power

Romeo and Juliet, Act III scene 5
Lord and Lady Capulet surprise the already wed Juliet with a sudden proposal

Twelfth Night, Act IV scene 3
Sebastian and Olivia’s proposal

Richard II, Act V scene 5
Richard laments all he once had

Othello, Act III scene 4
Othello’s jealousy begins, Desdamona and Emilia are at a loss

The Tempest, Act II scene 2
Caliban, Trinculo, Stephano discover each other on Propero’s Island

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