Shakespeare Anyone

Shakespeare Anyone? – 2013 -2015

Shakespeare Anyone was born from a desire to make the works of Shakespeare accessible to everyone.

The goal was to bring it back to its origins which lie not only in the relationships created between characters but also in the relationships created between the actors and the audience.

A forty-five minute show with 4-6 actors was crafted around specific themes, such as love, jealousy or madness. By performing smaller scenes and excerpts from different plays rather than a play in its entirety, the audience achieves a greater understanding of what is being said and how it is relevant in our own time.

Shakespeare Anyone was performed in non-traditional spaces, such as bars or cabarets, offering a relaxed atmosphere where audience members can be seated right next to a scene, and even be used by the performers as a member of the imaginary world.

The Shakespeare Anyone series took place in three locations in Bornheim, Sachsenhausen and Bockenheim in Frankfurt am Main, from 2013 to 2015, four productions in total. The ensemble set out to explore the major themes in Shakespeare’s plays and expose Frankfurt audiences to word of the bard. Though it was times of course difficult even for native speakers, it is the action and emotion in the Bard’s plays that keeps this work rich for modern audiences. The final chapter at the Casblanca Cafe in Bockenheim ended on an up note, with a warm review from the Frankfurter Rundschau.

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