Play-in-a-Day Festival

PIAD_FOne theme. Six Writers. Six Directors. 21 actors. 6 casts.

24 hours to write, rehearse and perform an original play.

Play-in-a-Day 2016 is over! See the event photos below.

Photos by Merielli Mafra

Here’s How It Works…

The event begins at 7:15pm on Friday evening. Approximately 40 people who have successfully applied to be a part of Play-in-a-Day will meet in person to find out what the theme of the festival is. The range of skills and experience varies from the polished performer to the total novice. Successful applicants MUST attend this meeting to register and meet their team.

A random ballot is held, and teams of 5 to 7 people are formed, consisting of a writer, a director and 3-5 actors – their collective goal to write, direct and perform six short 10-12 minute plays, all connected by the theme.

The writers write their original scripts all night long.

The next morning at 7am, the directors meet with their respective writers to discuss their scripts, and then at 8am, the actors gather and rehearsals begin.

Twelve hours later, at 8pm the following Saturday, the shows begin.


Opens soon.