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Welcome to the FITS Headquarters – FITS improvisation comedy


Every fourth Thursday of the month in Sep, Oct, and Nov, FITS will open its space at Theatre Language Studio and invite a guest improvisation team to play with them. The show starts at 8pm, with a 30-minute set from FITS, a 30-minute set from the guest team, and an additional 30 minutes with both groups playing together. There will be great improv, cheap drinks and all-around fun camaraderie. This limited three-month show run is a great chance to see some lively new talent in the Frankfurt improvisation scene and be a part of the community!

Entrance is FREE! Show starts at 8pm.



FITS After Work Comedy Hour FrankfurtAfter Work Comedy Hour – Live English Improvisation Theatre

Third Thursday of the month
Orange Peel Kaiserstraße 39
U-Bahn Willy Brandt Platz/Hauptbahnhof
Entrance €8/door, €7.50/online

Improvisation theatre at its best, helping you to forget annoying bosses, crises of finance and if you’re ever going to get that big raise. FITS improvisation comedy troupe takes YOUR suggestions and uses them in a live comedy show.


Rene Becker

Though René was introduced to improvisation in College, it was not until she moved to Germany that she fully embraced it. She makes out with it all the time and finally feels she has found 'the one'. Seriously.

Jasmina Francetic

Sometime in 2013, purely by accident, Jasmina found improv, or improv found Jasmina. Since then, it has insidiously crept into her life, taking over her free time, eventually compelling her to join FITS and step onto a stage for the first time in fifteen years.

Paul Domineske

Paul Domineske is a founding member of Theater Language Studio, and doting member of FITS. Vollkornbrot, quark, and Lisa Della Casa keep him in Germany. Mr. Domineske believes that the spontaneity and unpredictable nature of improvisation make up for the induced, predictable nature of real life. His coffee is ready EVERY morning at 7:42.

Simit Patel

From the UK, Simit has played guitar for 18 years and loved comedy for even longer. Starting out on classical guitar, Simit went on to play electric for bands in his youth (black nail polish; very baggy jeans; he prefers not to talk about that…) and has been a solo performer for the last 8 years.

David Ding

Despite his peculiar Asian appearance and comical Asian surname, David is actually Irish. He even has freckles and, if you look very closely, some red hairs in his beard. (Please ask before performing any close-up examinations.) Before moving to Frankfurt, David's on-stage experience consisted of singing angry, mopey songs while people laughed at him. With the help of TLS, he has since learned ways to make people laugh on purpose.

Ben Frenchman

If you had told Ben a couple of years ago that he would wind up joining an improv comedy team, he would have laughed in your face because he is kind of a jerk. After trying it for the first time after he moved to Frankfurt, Ben now does improv several times a week and has no plans to stop anytime soon. He also enjoys holding a guitar and pretending he knows what he's doing.

Amyra Te Nijenhuis

Amyra hails from sunny, sandy California but decided grey and stable central European Germany could be exciting too. We don’t mind, but she keeps slow-motion running in a red bathing suit in rehearsals. She loves improv, joined the TLS crew in 2015 and FITS in early 2016. Amyra’s last name is Dutch, but she will also respond to ‘woman’, ‘you there’ or ‘temksoisnekjhf’.

Hauke Scheer

After 7 years of self imposed exile from acting Hauke started taking improv classes again after moving to Frankfurt. There he soon met FITS and through a series of murders and intrigue gained a place on the team. Hauke likes cake and being grumpy.

Susanne König

Susanne met improv through FITS in 2010 and fell in love. She enjoys being spontaneously creative and building wonderful worlds out of "nothing" with this great team. Convinced that improv is the best anti-aging therapy, she only strays occasionally to follow her second passion, Flamenco dancing.

Abigail Paul

Abigail loves improv. She's been improvising since she was 14 years old, and has trained all over - NY, LA, London, and Chicago. Abigail has served as the coach for FITS since its inception in 2010. She likes improvisation because she hates learning lines. (True story.)

FITS improv comedy strives for truthful artistic play. We perform a more Chicago-based style of improvisation. All forms of improvisation rest on players willing to agree, to demonstrate empathy and take a leap with their fellow players onstage. Chicago-style improv can be said to be more relationship-based, where we meet well-defined characters, performing scenes that are connected by themes within improvised narrative. At FITS, we also like punchy short-form improvisation games such as you might see on Whose Line is It Anyway?, which are constantly adapting to new suggestions put forth by the audience, where Frankfurt audience and actors are creating a comedy show together.

Intro to Harold
Scene work fundamentals


What is improvisation? Improvisational theatre takes many forms. Players use different formats or games where they must create a scene out of a theme or idea given to them only a few seconds prior to beginning. Also known as improv or impro, it’s like acting without a net, the jazz of theatre.

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