TLS Improv Jam

TLS Improv Jam

For anyone who wants to jam. Everyone can get on stage in this open improv jam session. A fun and supportive environment, TLS Frankfurt hosts this practice improvisation session for students of all stripes to jump head-first into the wonderful and unique world of improvisation. Come meet and play with other improvisers in a friendly, free-form atmosphere. Getting better at improv is like racking up flight hours — the more time spent on a stage, in a scene, in front of people — the better you are at leaping first, and then looking for a place to land. Improvisers can come and sign up that night, with games, scenes and formats sorted out right then and there. As part of our mission to build an arts community that is for everyone, admission is free!

Improv Jam Details

The only rule of the improv  jam is that there are no rules!

Who: Past and present TLS students, anyone with some improvisation experience

When: First Saturday of the month, 19:30-20:30. Please be on time so we can set you up with a team!

Where: TLS Frankfurt, Petterweilstrasse 66

For improvisers who have a team already, consider dropping by the Rebel Chicken Bring Your Own Team night at Circus on the first Wednesday of the month.

Introducing the Short Form Showdown and the Long-form Faceoff!

We have changed up our monthly jam to introduce a bit of friendly competition. Many may enter, but only a few will leave… Laughing!

Every other month we invite our improvisation friends of all levels to join us as we split into teams for either a Short Form Showdown or the Long Form Face-off. In our Short-form showdown jams where two or more teams will perform the same set of short form games (or challenges), friendly competition style. In our Long form face-off jams two teams will perform the same long form format, friendly competition style. Audience is allowed for these special jams. Still free, only more fun!

Pictures of previous jam sessions