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Theatre Language Studio’s Community

Theatre Language Studio is an artist-led non-profit company that attempts to teach and understand the universal human stories that drive all of us as citizens of the world.  TLS explores and innovates, diminishing the line between actor and audience to create a more accepting, more creative community, via its one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences.

Everything that actors do on stage, we do throughout our lives, always and everywhere. The only difference is that actors are conscious that they are using the language of theatre, and are thus better to turn it to their advantage. – A. Boal.

Community Integration – A mix of professional, semi-professional and non-professional actors work together to produce projects, plays and performances that bring the community closer together, such as in the unique Play-in-a-Day project (inaugural year 2015) where 45 actors, writers, directors and crew members bring new pieces of theatre to life in this unique festival. We enjoy working closely with Germans and ex-pats in Frankfurt from all over the world creating new projects together.
Multidisciplinary Approach – TLS Frankfurt shows usually incorporate more than one form of art – most have included visual artwork or original music, or both.  Its main focus in the last five years has been on education, communication and integration, primarily through workshops and classes based on improvisational theatre techniques, but also Acting, Meisner Technique, Stage Combat and a host of other courses that are normally only available to actors in training to become professionals. Like Augusto Boal, we believe that opening the actor’s toolbox for people from all walks of life can help increase empathy, understanding and reduce conflict in the world.
Improvisation Theatre – Improvisation is theatre for everybody. The raw material of improvisation is the honest expressions, experiences and passions of the performers and audience. It is immediate theatre. As a bonus, good improvisation is built on conquering fears and working collaboratively in an accepting environment – skills that can’t help but have a positive effect on those who acquire them, and skills that help break down barriers to communication, strengthening diversity and integration of communities. Theatre Language Studio believes that if people can improvise together and laugh together, they can do anything together.
Audience Talkbacks – Audience Talkbacks give TLS patrons an opportunity to go behind the curtain and ask questions of the actors and crew to find out how a production comes to fruition. For 20 minutes after select performances, audiences can ask any questions they might like to know about after seeing the performance. TLS hopes to break down the barrier between audience and actor, and create rich insight into the working process.
Promotion of Emerging Artists – TLS regularly searches for new talent in the areas of music, art and playwriting. For example, in October 2011, TLS Frankfurt staged Immersion, an art show with a theatre performance by local artist Goce Andonoski (pictured).  The 2012 mainstage production A Grimm Tale by Lonnie Bradley was born out of a one-act playwriting competition looking for new ways to adapt Grimm’s legendary tales. With the cooperation of the Norway Free Theater Ensemble, TLS helped conduct an international call for playwrights for the Belarus Dream Theatre Project (2014). With the addition of the Play-in-a-Day festival (2015), the hope is to bring even more artists, playwrights and directors together.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. – Pablo Picasso