Auditions and Casting

General Information for Theatre Language Studio Auditions

Auditions English Theatre in FrankfurtAnyone can audition for TLS Frankfurt. Season Auditions are held annually, usually in late August or September. Actors are usually not required to prepare any materials for the auditions, but rather are given a monologue or scene to read from the current production. Callback auditions are held separately for each production. No roles are pre-cast, and TLS Frankfurt prides itself on non-traditional casting, so if you feel no roles fit your ‘type,’ please consider that the roles will not always be cast in the exact age, gender, or ethnicity stated on the audition requirements.

Typically TLS tries to bring people from different backgrounds together for a number of theatrical projects throughout the year. Many of the actors we work with are seasoned professionals, but many are also doing a theatre production for the first time. We think bringing together professionals with curious newcomers is the best way to open up the field to non-actors who want to benefit from the tools of our trade. 

Everything that actors do on stage, we do throughout our lives, always and everywhere. The only difference is that actors are conscious that they are using the language of theatre, and are thus better to turn it to their advantage. – A. Boal.

An Update for 2016 – 2017

This year TLS will be holding auditions primarily for our Staged Reading Series, which will take place once a month in February, March and April 2017. As this year’s theme has not yet been established, we will be holding auditions later in the year, on November 20th. Next season will not include a large mainstage production, such as the The Underpants,  A Grimm Tale, or the Foreigner, but will rather focus on smaller projects that help us to fulfill our mission of combining art and learning to build a strong English theatre community in Frankfurt.

For those interested in working with us, we have a resident ensemble of improvisers, the cast of FITS, for which we will always consider new talent, our staged reading series for actors, and we are working to create new and original theatre projects, which are currently only in their inception stages, and thus do not yet require casting. Please sign up on our mailing list, join us for a Saturday Dropin, or jump into an improv jam, for an opportunity to get to know us better.

Miss the season auditions?

TLS Frankfurt is always casting! Those interested in auditioning for TLS should place their information on files with us, including a photo. We will contact you if we have any projects for which we are casting throughout the year.

Actor Information

Please fill out this form, so that TLS Frankfurt may put you on file for any upcoming projects. We will contact you with more information about new projects or an audition in person.
  • Please tell us what your normal weekly schedule is like (Monday-Sunday). A basic ideas is all that is needed, as rehearsal scheduling is based on this information, so please be as detailed as possible.
  • Please give a general idea of your stage experience (anything to do with acting, improvisation, dance, or music.)
  • Please attach a photo here. (no confirmation is given that your file is attached, but it is)
  • Please be specific if at all possible!
  • Comments or concerns? Other interests besides acting (directing, stage management, lighting, publicity, etc)?