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1. OCT 2015

Looking for great humour in Germany, asks travel writer Shaun Busuttil? Come see FITS, the best improvisation comedy players in Frankfurt. We are delighted to be mentioned by local press and the blogosphere alike!

BBC Capital Abigail PaulBBC Capital

8. APRIL 2016

Artistic Director of TLS Abigail Paul is interviewed in this article for the BBC on the power of listening in the workplace. “The goal is that we let go of our own ego and our own ideas because a huge part of listening is that you really have to be willing to be changed by what’s being said,” cites Rhea Wessel, author.


Press About TLSFrankfurt Frizz

1. APRIL 2016

The Frizz highlights The Underpants by Steve Martin in a photo in the ‘Theaterbox’ section of the paper, on page 55. Press about TLS in the local newspaper is so important to growth with international audiences in Frankfurt

Press About TLSFrankfurter Rundschau

15. OCTOBER 2015

Theatre Language Studio is covered by local press Frankfurter Rundschau on its Shakespeare Anyone? project. Part of what TLS most enjoys creating its English language theater productions in new and and unusual spaces in Frankfurt, such as bars and cabarets, removing barriers to the piece that traditional stages provide. The author highlights the audiences’ reaction to seeing Shakespeare in a bar, and being so close to the actors quoting one audience member as saying, ‘It was really intense. How close will they come?’ Audience reaction was strongly positive, not only to the piece, but also to the beautiful but hidden cascablnca Cafe in Bockenheim.

Press About TLSFrankfurter Neue Presse

07. DECEMBER 2015

Ohne Dickens geht es nicht. It doesn’t work without Dickens! An article about the Dickens by Candlelight in Frankfurt, in the Frankfurt Neue Press.  The show enjoys its fourth successful run in Frankfurt.

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Oryx – Inflight Magazine for Qatar Airways

01. SEPTEMBER 2015

An article on all the things to do in the city of Frankfurt, from the point of view of locals who have expatriated to the city over the years, including a featured section with photo on Theatre Language Studio on page 5. The author highlights the importance of English in the ex-pat community in Frankfurt.

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Frankfurter Rundschau – Theater hautnah
06. FEBRUARY 2015

An article about the brand new Theatre Language Studio in Bornheim, and the English theatre training possibilities TLS offers. Theatre Language Studio Frankfurt has opened its doors to Bornheim, adding many new courses in acting and improvisation for students of all ages. This article follows a reporter observing an improvisation lesson for adults in the Studio.

Download the pdf file.

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Bornheimer Wochenblatt
12. JANUARY 2015

Theatre Language Studio opens its doors for English theater in Frankfurt. TLS Frankfurt offers English theatre productions, improvisation shows, and a host of other projects, as we well as classes and workshops for people of all ages. An article about the newly rented space in Bornheim, at Petterweilstrasse 66.

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Frankfurter Rundschau
16. JANUARY 2013

An amusing article in the Frankfurter Rundschau about TLS’s improvisation troupe FITS. The reporter details the process of watching actors and musicians create text and song out of a simple suggestion, the love of a coffee cup. The author highlights the benefits of improvisation via trust and listening.

Read the full article in pdf here.

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Connected Magazine
30. JUNE 2012

A look at the founder and Artistic Director Abigail Paul, through the photographer’s eyes. Kate Miller, who is the key photographer of almost all of TLS Frankfurt’s productions. She talks about her job of interpreting theatre through the lens, exploring her love of getting out of the stuffy office environment and the creative release that comes with it.

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23. JUNE 2012

The local publication The Äppler writes an article about the comedy of language confusion in TLS Frankfurt’s production of The Foreigner at the Internationales Theater in Frankfurt. In fact, the piece was so popular with Frankfurt audiences, that it enjoyed an extension of its run after the show closed, as highlighted in this article.